CS Explorations

Computer Science Explorations

Is a trimester course for grades 5 and 6. The course will explore Digital Media and Me, Computer Science + Robotics.

Digital Media and Me

Learners will leverage technology in creating images and videos while learning how to manage their digital presence and ethics, decision-making, and privacy. Learners will use various software applications in the creation and compilation of their Digital Media eBooks. Learners will continue to add artifacts to their Digital Media Portfolio. (G Suite, Clips, Notes, Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Explain Everything, Padlet, etc…)

Basic Computer Programming

Learns will be introduced to block-based coding systems to begin to develop computational thinking and programming skills. Students use Swift Playgrounds and CS First with Google. CS First uses Scratch to learn to code and create projects.


Robotics will be explored using LEGO robots to learn how to build, code, and troubleshoot their autonomous robots in performing tasks and challenges. Learners will create robots that move independently, use sensors, interact with each other, and interpret data. Learners will work in pairs to build collaborative and teamwork skills.